It is mysterious, then scary, then profoundly shocking.

Kate Snodgrass, Artistic Director, Boston Playwrights Theatre.

Nancy Hurlbut and colleagues are looking for venues for Surly Girl. The 90 minute show can best play in a theater, of any size, and can also be presented in a full or abridged version in school or college spaces.

A 12-minute DVD is available and gives you a quick overview of the plot in its original setting. Not wanting to give away, on this website, the central issue of the play, which unfolds gradually as a mystery to be solved, we will send the DVD to you if you are interested.

Depending on the preference of the Artistic Director or other institutional representative, the Surly Girl sound track and "power point" projections are available for production use.

Ms. Hurlbut is a non-equity performer. She is amenable to companies hiring another actor to do the role, if that seems appropriate.

If you would like to talk or write to Ms. Hurlbut about agency, steps toward booking including fees and services, or about anything else...please Contact S.G.