It is mysterious, then scary, then profoundly shocking.

Kate Snodgrass, Artistic Director, Boston Playwrights Theatre.

The girl, Frankie, would be surprised, having grown up in the '50's, to be floating in the ether like this.

She would also be surprised to be dramatized by an old woman, Frances, rather than, say, a toned and talented youth.

Surly Girl is a solo show, with full media accompaniment, that depicts 21 years of family life during and after WW II. This is the era when no one delves into behavioral maladies; no one looks for causes or for solutions. Even if they can afford it.

And Frankie's family surely can. They are wealthy Boston Brahmins, vested in old privilege and ancient secrets.

This wonderful and unusual play runs in one act: 90 minutes, and can be easily mounted in small and large settings.

Surly Girl previews were staged at Boston Playwrights' Theater, in 2006.