It is mysterious, then scary, then profoundly shocking.

Kate Snodgrass, Artistic Director, Boston Playwrights Theatre.

We received over a 150 letters and emails after the Preview Shows. Here are excerpts from a few:

David and Carole: "We were deeply moved, troubled, delighted. This work goes beyond courage in stating the truth."

Lisa: "I loved the details and how deftly you become different characters. It was moving, and fascinating."

Alexis: "Amazing! I loved it."

Colleen: "The play held in so many ways: it has coherence, humor, evocation of times and places, perfectly captured."

Lew: "It is an empowered and lovely voice."

Margie: "I read ‘Surly Girl' all in one breath."

Rickey: "Painfully honest. Extremely moving. Achingly humorous."

Kaethe: "A mind-boggling experience to witness the alchemy you have brought to these fragments."

Tim: "I found myself wanting to know what was going to happen to Frankie."

Marley: "It was a powerful ride you took me on."

Terry: "A very singular achievement."

Mary: "I was impressed with the rapt attention of the audience. Whatever age, sex, or individual experience each brought into the theatre, we were a collective organism. I think we all held our breaths, many times."

Nick: "Wow! A remarkable piece of writing and acting."

Anita: "A sad story, brilliantly written and performed. Amazing."

Milva: "Brava! I feel honored and privileged to be here, present for the story of ‘Surly Girl,' who is so intelligent and interesting. Wonderful & distinctive & funny & smart."

Linda: "This play has broad appeal."

Winnie: "I wanted to stay with the feelings as it ended, linger with the triumph."

Tom: "It really stays with me. It casts everything together for me in a different, more spiritual light. Inspiring."

Mary: "Bravo, what a work! That was the hell of our era, that we were taught not to trust our deepest selves."

Bill and Peg: "It was incredible. You could have heard a pin drop in the theatre."

Judy: "I feel that the subject has widespread appeal and certainly could be used as a vehicle in college and high school workshops, as well as in theatre settings."

Nancy K.: "What an achievement to be (not just portray) xx (however many; I didn't count) people with such force and accuracy."

Debra: "Just wanted to let you know the show has stayed with me! For so many reasons!"

Nan: "By the end of the play, you even looked different to me."

Alisa: "It's inspiring to see what you've done with this material over time, and to see it come to life!"

Kate: "I just saw your show, and you were wonderful. Congratulations on a moving piece of theatre."

Dossy: "The show was wonderful. You were wonderful. The show is and you are brilliant. Truly a courageous tour de force. I am grateful. I am inspired. You have done a masterful job as writer and actor."

Penny: "I was just musing as I was ironing...that I think I knew about this story before...yet it took the play to make me really get it. Anyway, a tribute to power of art."